Monday, February 28, 2011

a little taste of spring

    With snow on the ground it's quite difficult to get prepared for spring, but a little craft project never hurts :) This is a project I did a while ago but recently re-vamped to make it fit in my new studio.  I bought canvases and paint at Michael's and with some tape to help me make straight lines, I created this first...

   After painting the base on the canvases, I added flowers of course (which you'll find I'm a sucker for, especially when they are delivered by my boyfriend ;))!  I chose 'chinese lanterns' to match the shade of orange and set it off with some off white pseudo daisies.  I hot-glued the flowers to the canvases in no particular order

   And this is the final project!  I haven't decided where to hang it yet, which can be one of the biggest challenges for me.  This was such a simple project and can be easily redesigned to fit your own personal space!

 Happy hot-gluing :),

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