Tuesday, March 1, 2011

skeleton keys

   When I was shopping at Hobby Lobby I saw a picture of skeleton keys posted on a shadow box and this sparked an easy idea for me!  I personally think shadow boxes are so expensive, and with my limited budget I just couldn't justify a $20 frame.  I found a $6 frame in another isle that had ample room between the glass and the backing, which would fit skeleton keys perfectly!  I had the hot glue sticks already, so all I needed was a $.59 sheet of textured scrapbooking paper, skeleton keys (which as a set were $5.50), frames, and $.79 balsam wood trim to add a little oomph :)

   I spray painted the wood trim a metallic gold to offset the frame with the keys.  Once they were dry, I sawed them (yes, sawed!) to fit as the border inside the frame itself.  I also measured the scrapbook paper to fit inside the border.  

   I hot glued the actual keys to the fitted scrapbook paper.  Once everything was dry and glued I assembled my pieces to look like this!

   I just love this look!  So classic and simple.  My total cost for this project was around $15, which is nothing near what you would pay for this look at any home goods store.

Now, all I have to do is find the perfect place to show off these beautiful pieces!


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