Tuesday, March 15, 2011

framing material

   I just moved in to a new apartment and in the midst of paying for rent, utilities, filling up my fridge and buying dog food - my budget is super tight!  However, I won't let that stop me in my pursuit to decorate! I've been working on a few projects but it'll take me some time to put them on here, but here is one that is so easy it took me about 10 minutes and $7 (only because I had to spray paint my old frame)!
   What I used: an old frame that I found, material (found at Hobby Lobby- way on sale!), and scissors.
 And it's as simple as this: use the cardboard, paper, mirror or whatever is in the frame to cut a piece of material to fit inside the frame and place it in the frame.  

   I hung this framed material above my cabinet in my bathroom and I think it adds a fun touch.  My apartment is still in the works so stay tuned for pictures of my new place.  
   Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and parents, all my stuff is here and looks great! :)  

I'm off to do more decorating,


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