Tuesday, April 19, 2011

minute ideas

1). I don't always have a whole day to sit and do crafts (although I wish I did!!!). I've come up with some ideas that took me under 30 minutes that you can use and alter to fit your space.  

  Using wine bottles as vases!  I got a lovely bouquet of lilies from a special someone and once they started dying :( I decided I wanted to savor the ones I could!  In the picture below, I used one in my coffee table box and it just popped!  Also, if you haven't read 'Snog' I HIGHLY recommend it. 

2). I had an old cork board that was falling apart and instead of ditching it, I re-vamped it! I spray painted the edges first, with a shiny metallic gold.  Once that dried, I simply stapled fabric to the cork.  It was easy, and took me about 10 minutes (in pieces) and now makes a cute little background to my (also re-vamped) coat hanger :)

3). BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! I can't get enough of books, to read and to decorate with! Using books anywhere and everywhere is a super easy decorating tool.  Stack them, cover them, use them as book-ends. You can get books at antique shops for pretty cheap or acquire a few at a garage sale.
Get creative with them :)

4). Coverin canvases... oh how I love this idea!
   At HobLob I got 5/8 of a fabric that I liked and stapled the fabric around the back of the canvas, on the wooden frame.  The fabrics I chose were just random ones that I thought would fit together on my wall above my bed.  Stapling the fabric was super easy, just folding around the corners:)  
Good luck!

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