Tuesday, April 19, 2011

coffee table box

   Need to spice up your coffee table?  Go from this...

to this...

   Yet another easy project to give your place a little flair.  That [not so cute] leather remote holder I got from Bed, Bath & Beyond a loooong time ago and decided it just needed a little update!  The fabric is from HobLob (on sale, even!) and was left over from another project.  My staple gun I also got from HobLob (and I would highly recommend getting one, I've used it a TON!).  I started stapling the bottom first before the sides and that worked really well for me.  Once I got the bottom secured, it was easy to fold and staple to finish the project.  Here's a look at some steps I took to get to the final project. 

Make sure to pull the fabric tight before stapling, you want it to look smooth.

more to come :)

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